We welcome students, families and other members of the community to the Gatewood Learning Garden website! On this site you will be able to discover current, past and future gardening projects, engage in fun monthly activities, view images of the garden in action, find out how to volunteer and support the Gatewood Learning Garden and PTA, and contact us for any comments, questions or suggestions!

Gatewood Summer Garden & Playfield Watering Opportunities!

Please help us keep the Gatewood Garden & Playfield watered and fresh this Summer for our student’s return to learning in the Fall! We have weekly watering slots available and we NEED YOUR HELP! You can choose to water the whole week or coordinate with friends to split a week of watering!

Duties include: Watering the Learning Garden daily when it’s hot out, or every couple days in cooler weather. The tree bags around the playfield will need to be filled just once a week (hose & spigot located behind the portable near the field).

Sign-up at the Link Below:


Thank you for helping your community thrive and flourish!

Shout-outs to our 2020-2021 Community and Individual Donors

Caffe Ladro- West Seattle

Our neighborhood Caffe Ladro has kindly donated coffee grounds to give our blueberry plants a little boost! Other acid loving plants include hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas, lily of the valley, carrots, and radishes!

Pegasus Book Exchange

The lovely locally owned and family run Pegasus Book Exchange in West Seattle provided a large donation of children’s books to launch our library right! Shop Pegasus Books at:


Mclendon Hardware in White Center

Our neighborhood McLendon’s Hardware generously donated a pick-up truck worth of mulch, soil and compost to make our garden beds healthy and happy!

Jay Potratz & Vandenberg Bulb Company

With the coordination and financial support of Jay Potratz (community member and former SPS parent), every Gatewood 3rd-5th grader was provided a paper white bulb to grow and observe indoors (over 200 Paper white bulbs distributed!). Jay has also provided the Garden Program with vegetable seeds and a generous financial donation.

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