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Volunteer and Donate

The Gatewood Learning Garden is not possible without the generous support of the Gatewood PTA and members of the community like YOU. Here are some ideas (below) of how you can contribute towards making the Gatewood Learning Garden an even better place for students to learn and grow!

April 24th Spring Work Party!

Come join the Grounds & Garden committees for a fun work party as we clean up our Playground & Garden this spring. We will be doing some gardening, cleanup, weeding, trimming, and mulching. Masks are encouraged but not required! If you have gardening gloves or special tools you like to use in your garden, please bring them along!

Date: Sunday, April 24

Time: Two shifts available from 10-noon or 1-3.

Sign up here:

Volunteer in the Garden

Ready to get your hands dirty and help our garden and grounds flourish? Consider signing up for a volunteer work party (posted above) or send us a message if you are interested in volunteering in your own spare time!

Share your Talents & Skills

Do you have a special skill or talent that can be used to improve the Gatewood Learning Garden? Perhaps you are a carpenter, a graphics designer, an artist, or a plant propagator! We could use any and all skills/ideas you have to make our garden program more easily accessible and enjoyable for our students and community! Please send an email or fill out the contact form with more details!

Extra Resources?

If you have extra garden tools, pots, books, wood, plants, seeds, soil, mulch or other items that you would like to donate to the Gatewood Learning Garden, please send an email or fill out the contact form with what you would like to give!

Direct Donation

The best way to financially support the Gatewood Learning Garden is through a Direct Donation to our PTA or by participating in fundraising events organized by our PTA. Since the Gatewood PTA is a non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible! There are many Gatewood families who are employed by corporations that match donations and often volunteer hours as well. If you aren’t sure if your company matches donations, ask your employer! Learn more about donating and supporting the PTA on their website below:

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